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Singles at Mingles: Mingles for singles at For woman seeking man or man seeking woman. We list the important features of Mingles for singles and present the search box. It also enables you to compare this singles agency with the others we cover.

For Mingles singles, search using the box below. Make your selections from the woman/man drop down menus then click the 'search' or 'go' button to be taken to listings of singles that match the criteria you selected.

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Mingles is a fine, if slightly unusually colored, personal ads for singles site. In addition to the usual search boxes and the resulting ads it provides a number of additional services. Top amongst these is "Mingling". This involves accessing the profiles of members who have described an ideal profile that matches your own, an added bonus amongst the usual range of features such sites have.

Features of Mingles:

  • Mingling is different than matching or searching. Mingling shows you members who have described someone like yourself as being the type of person they are looking to meet, but who don't necessarily meet your stated criteria. It's worth checking these members out... you might find someone interesting that you're overlooking
  • Searching. Search the personal ads in Mingles in several ways: search based upon location and age, religion, ethnicity, etc. Or look up a specific profile based upon a member's username
  • Matching. The matching feature of Mingles helps you easily find other members that you match up well with. These are members that meet the criteria you specifed as being what you're looking for, and for whom you also meet their criteria. It's a two-way match, and a great way to quickly find the members that you would most likely be compatible with
  • The photo gallery area of Mingles is an ever-changing photo collage of recently active members. It's a nice way to browse through the pictures of members that have used Mingles today. The more often you visit Mingles, the more exposure your own photo will have in the collage
  • Hotlists. Mingles gives you the ability to create your own personal hotlist of the members that interest you. A hotlist is like a notebook. When you find a member that you're interested in, you can click the Add To Hotlist button below that member's profile. Your hotlist will be saved from session to session
  • PhotoChat is our popular and unique chat technology. Our goal in creating PhotoChat was to have a chat system that encouraged interaction between members, and created a very friendly and supportive environment. In a PhotoChat room a small image of the person chatting appears in the room alongside what they type. If a member has attached a picture of themselves to their profile, this is the picture that appears in the chat room. If a member does not have a picture in their profile (or if they do but their profile, or photo, is currently hidden), they get to pick from an assortment of cartoon faces to represent themselves in the room. We use intelligent-caching technology to make this smooth and fast even on slow Internet connections. Try PhotoChat - Social Chat with Pics
  • The message boards are discussions between members about anything and everything. You can choose to read the discussions, join in the discussions, or start a new discussion. By reading the boards, you will get to know your fellow minglers in a relaxed and friendly environment. If you're interested in what someone has to say, you can instantly bring up that member's profile.
  • You can block a member by clicking on the Block button underneath their profile. Blocking a member erases them from your version of Mingles. It has the following effects: prevents this member from appearing in your search, match, and mingle results; prevents this member from appearing in the photo gallery; prevents this member from sending you email or winks; prevents this member's posts from appearing on your screen when you read the message boards; but no effect in PhotoChat, since PhotoChat has its own seperate blocking feature You can also unblock a member from the admin page
  • Surveys. Check out the weekly surveys that poll our members on a variety of topics.
  • Love Shop: the best books on dating and the best music and videos for romance.
  • The profile page is where you can create or modify your profile. Your profile contains your description and picture, and is how you will appear to other members of Mingles
  • Anonymous email. You need to be a Mingles Gold member to email other members. To reply to an email that you received from another member for free
  • Winking is a cool way to flirt with another member. If you are unsure what to say in an email, but still want to flirt with someone, you can wink at them (using the wink button underneath their profile). The member will receive an email saying that you've winked at them. They can then decide if they wish to wink back, or maybe even email you back

This is what the Mingles site looks like:

Try PhotoChat - Social Chat with Pics

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